Nicole | Mile end

January-27-2020 Bark busters rating

Sue was great and explained everything in a simple way. Violet has really responded and has made huge progress even after only 2 days of doing the training exercises

BarkingJumping upSeparation anxiety

Veronica | Nth Plympton

January-26-2020 Bark busters rating

Very informative. Charlie has improved after just one session.


Emily | Mount Barker

January-22-2020 Bark busters rating

I'm very happy I called Sue! She provided me with the tools and training I needed to train Macy. Within the first session I saw a huge improvement and and looking forward to continuing working on all of the training and having a well mannered dog in the future!

Jumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallOther

Emily | Mount Barker

January-22-2020 Bark busters rating

I'm very happy I called Sue! She provided me with the tools and training ineeded to train Macy within the first session I saw huge improvement and and looking forward to continuing working on all of the training and having a well mannered dog in the future!

Jumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallOther

Angela | Seacombe Heights

January-12-2020 Bark busters rating

Mollie and Tiger were difficult to walk and very reactive to other dogs and cats on walks and when at home looking through our fences. Sue has shown us a method of taking back control of the situation and we have had success within 24 hours.


Nora | Millswood

January-11-2020 Bark busters rating

We are thrilled with the difference in our dogs’ behaviour after just the first lesson with Sue. The Barkbusters method is so simple to apply and yet so effective. Our 2 terriers are sweet natured, but were becoming problem barkers, bailing up anyone who came to the door or walked past the house. They also wouldn’t walk at heel on their leads and would bark at any other dogs encountered on a walk. Sue provided us with the tools to address these issues, with an immediate positive response from both dogs - it was miraculous! We have been living in a peaceful bark-free environment ever since, and enjoying taking our much more relaxed doggies for walks. Sue is clearly a dog lover and a very kind, patient and experienced trainer. Thankyou Sue and Barkbusters, it’s a big thumbs up from us!

BarkingJumping upPullingRecall


January-03-2020 Bark busters rating

We saw an immediate improvement in Rudy's behaviour during our first session. He is now responding well to the tactics Sue has given us. Thank you so much!

BarkingPullingJumping up

Peter | 5045

December-16-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue did a great job explaining and showing us how to control Zita and Arnold's barking. We got immediate results and now have a quiet house!


Veronica | Greenacres

December-15-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue taught us about dog’s behavior and showed us techniques to change what we did not want. It worked pretty well and we are happy with Sue!

ChewingDiggingJumping upPullingRecall

Jennietta | Ashton

December-08-2019 Bark busters rating

Great service which was very clear to understand and worked well with our puppy. What a change already after the first visit.

Puppy managementRecall

Mel | Redwood Park

December-03-2019 Bark busters rating

Thank you Sue. Our 4 month old boxer pup was making our lives hectic however after 2 hours with you we had a different dog. Looking forward to working together to make Coco and our family happy.

ChewingHyperactivityJumping upPuppy managementToileting


December-02-2019 Bark busters rating

From the first session I have noticed a big change with my dog. He stopped barking in 2 hours.


Danniel | Dernancourt

November-23-2019 Bark busters rating

Today we met Sue from Bark Busters to help us with Kato. He has been a bit aggressive towards others as well as having some behaviour problems. Being an 18 month old he still has some puppy issues. After 2 hours with Sue, Kato was a different dog. The boys and I now have the rules set out and training to do every day for the next 4-6 weeks. We thank her so much for her experience and guidance with Kato today.

AggressionJumping upPulling

Sean | Black forest

November-21-2019 Bark busters rating

Two days on and Blue still needs some work but huge improvement on the negative behaviours. Surprised by the size and speed of the improvement. Highly recommended ?

BarkingHyperactivityJumping up

Mike | Magill

October-23-2019 Bark busters rating

I have been getting stressed out with my two dogs barking which has been chronic. Sue’s guidance has been simple and amazing.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPuppy management

Kayla | Glenelg North

October-22-2019 Bark busters rating

I'm still in disbelief at how effective Sue's session was. We definitely had given in to "this is just the way our dog is" as we had tried multiple trainers before but had absolutely amazing results both in the session with Sue and in the time since learning the new techniques. I couldn't believe it was so simple and so effective. Have been raving about Sue to all my friends because having a happy dog literally makes my life more enjoyable! Still stunned haha. Best investment we have made for our dogs!


Sharon | Adelaide

October-21-2019 Bark busters rating

What a great experience. Thankyou Sue we are so happy with the advice and tools you have given us. Lette is responding and doing well. She is much calmer and relaxed now that we are all on the same page. Can't wait for your next visit to show off our beautiful Lette ☺

AggressionJumping upPullingRecall

Sharon | Adelaide

October-21-2019 Bark busters rating

What a great experience. Thankyou Sue we are so happy with the advice and tools you have given us. Lette is responding and doing well. She is much calmer and relaxed now that we are all on the same page. Can't wait for your next visit to show off our beautiful Lette ☺

AggressionJumping upPullingRecall

Hayley | Glengowrie

October-20-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was great, she listened to what Teddy and I needed and touched base on every issue we have. He started responding straight away and I feel like I can finally take him out for walks again, which I couldn’t previously due to his aggression issues. I am grateful for the help and am excited to have a calm and well behaved dog!

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Lynne | Cowandilla

October-08-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was nothing short of amazing with my 2 boys. The techniques had an immediate impact, which was such a relief and really impressive. Sue showed me effective ways of dealing with the barking and well as other training techniques for walking, general obedience and focus. Sue has genuine love and care for animals and seeing the training be so effective and the dogs responding in a positive way, is really a testament to Sue and her methods. I can not speak highly enough of Sue and Bark Busters.

BarkingJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecall

Nancy | Mount Barker

September-29-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was friendly, well organised and a great trainer, for us and our dog. She explained the program thoroughly and was willing to work with us and our dog to get the best out of him, and us!

HyperactivityJumping upPullingRecall

Jane | Norwood

September-28-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was very helpful with our 4 month old puppy. She gave us excellent skills to train her and this has resulted in her stopping barking and biting me. We were thrilled and look forward to Sue coming back in a few weeks time.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPuppy management

Yani | Wynn Vale

September-28-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was fantastic! Very effective in communicating training techniques and even better at helping implement them with your dog. Instant breakthrough, the future is looking good.

AggressionBarkingChewingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Christopher | Nairne

September-22-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was fantastic, she listened to the issues I was having and put the training to work right away in our first session. Using her key teaching I was able to get Bailey to stop barking at the neighbours dog at 6am and come to me whereas my partner who hadn’t done the training couldn’t and I was amazed at the results -and this was only 3 days after Sue’s visit. We did some lead walking and Bailey responded very well. Sue has given me the confidence to put assertive training in place. I would highly recommend Sue to others.

BarkingJumping upPulling

Carol | Tanunda

September-20-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue has a common sense approach and has taught both us and our puppy Murphy how to deal with several issues that we had concerns about. We all felt very comfortable throughout the education and training process as she is very knowledgable.

ChewingDiggingPullingPuppy managementRecall

Sally | Littlehampton

September-16-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was amazing. Within minutes I could see Barney responding to the training. To take Barney for a walk and pass another dog without him getting aggressive only after 10-15 minutes, I could not believe it. Thank you so much Sue. Looking forward to next session.


Neil | Williamstown

September-14-2019 Bark busters rating

In just 2 hours we now have a calm, responsive and attentive dog. Amazing. Looking forward to seeing her progress over the coming weeks. Thank you Sue.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Jordy | mount barker

August-21-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was amazing, 2 hours with her in our initial session and she left me with a completley different dog already. A few months on now, and Maverick is still super well behaved and so much easier to manage. The skills we learnt, we will be able to use for our future pups also.

BarkingJumping upPulling

Melissa | Fairview Park

July-28-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was very helpful, she was really good at listening to what we wanted help with. Sue was very kind with Millie and Millie responded really well. Thank you Sue.

HyperactivityJumping upPullingSeparation anxietyPuppy management

Monique | Fairview Park

June-15-2019 Bark busters rating

Fantastic, Sue was great with the dogs, they responded immediately and almost seem like totally different dogs!

BarkingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

S | Adelaide

June-02-2019 Bark busters rating

From the first phone call conversation, I could tell Sue is a very kind and non judgemental person. This is very important to me, due to past experiences with certain dog trainers. During Sue's first visit two weeks ago, it was amazing to witness the significant positive behaviour changes Safari made within the two hour visit, and she has continued to progress since Sue's visit. Sue's teaching was very easy to understand, her instructions are very simple and very relevent to Safari.

AggressionBarkingRecallSeparation anxiety

James | Kensington Gardens

June-01-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was really nice, caring and incredible with Daisy. The training was clear and easy to understand and it was amazing how quickly Daisy responded to the training. We are really pleased with the Bark Busters training techniques.

BarkingJumping upPulling

Kathy | Darlington

May-27-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was recommended to us and I would certainly recommend her to others. We saw amazing results immediately

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPulling

Bernadette | GLENALTA

April-16-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was very kind and let us know that all the things we were dealing with were normal. She taught us how to be firm and the information given was invaluable..

Puppy management

Karli | Hawthorn

April-08-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was fantastic and I was very impressed that she arranged to come help us the next day given Murphy was only 10 weeks old with bad separation anxiety. Sue has really been a life saver for our family as Murphy was very distressed and we basically couldn't leave him alone at home. He responded really well to her and I can't thank her enough for giving us the tools to work with Murphy to overcome his separation anxiety. He is now like a different dog. Sue has always been in touch to see how he is progressing and there to answer any questions we may have. We still have a bit further to go but Sue has outlined to us that consistency is the key and this is so true. I look forward to working with Sue going forward in Murphy's puppy management.

BarkingSeparation anxiety

Raymonde | Mitcham

March-24-2019 Bark busters rating

Bella is beginning to behave much better and as her trainers we are much more attentive to poor behaviour. She is now more relaxed. However as this has only been a week and I have had two guests this week it is early days. Bella is persistent in her passive dominate behaviour but with all the aids and instructions she is getting much better at not jumping up at visitors. Her walking on the lead is now excellent and she now walks beside me on a loose lead.

Jumping upRecall

Jenny | Mawson Lakes

March-15-2019 Bark busters rating

Excellent training. Lula was a different puppy after a few hours. Sue showed care and respect for Lula in the way she interacted with her and explained everything clearly and gave me lots of time to practice new ways of doing things with Lula.

BarkingJumping upPuppy management

Tess | Crafers

February-03-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was wonderful. We found the information that she gave us and the techniques extremely useful. We have already seen behaviour changes in the dogs. We really appreciated that she spent 3 hours with us on the first session and are already looking forward to the next. We know we still have a lot more work to do but feel far more equipped and positive and moving forward.

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Jo | Brooklyn Park Adelaide

January-20-2019 Bark busters rating

Sue was brilliant had Shiloh walking on a lead within an hour! She took each family member and trained them in how to handle our dog. She explained everything really well showing us physical examples first and then we copied.


Andrew | Sth Plympton

December-09-2018 Bark busters rating

Very good all 3 of us relaxed and learnt or relearnt dog control Clear instructions and practical training without stress

ChewingJumping upPullingRecallToileting

Courtney | Adelaide

December-08-2018 Bark busters rating

Sue was very friendly and very helpful, looking forward to working more with her.

Jumping upSeparation anxiety

johannah | Murray Bridge

November-22-2018 Bark busters rating

Sue was very friendly and welcoming. Felt no judgement and gave us practical advice and training, a bit more each session to help us get our sibling rivalry under control. The dogs now respect me, listen to me and are pleasant to walk as well as be best friends again. I felt supported through my training and knew help was available if needed. I still can't believe how quickly and well Bark Busters methods work.

Sibling rivalry

Georgy | Adelaide

November-19-2018 Bark busters rating

It was excellent and far exceeded my expectations.


Toni | Adelaide

September-24-2018 Bark busters rating

I was very surprised how max took to the training. Very happy with the outcome and our trainer Sue.


Sasha | Adelaide

September-08-2018 Bark busters rating

WOW - fantastic, so impressed with how quickly our dog responded to Sue and then to us. Would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone


Emma | Magill

September-08-2018 Bark busters rating

Sue came to our home and straight away both Buddy our puppy , and my husband, son and I felt totally at ease. Sue was very informative and when we went outside I was amazed how quickly our puppy was responding and how easy Sue made it for us to have him behaving and listening. I am so pleased with the results after just one session, as since Sue left, Buddy has been listening so well and even my son said how happy he was that he was listening to him. I would recommend Sue to anyone who wants to truly bond with their beloved doggy. Thanks you Sue for the guidance so far and the insight for a happy puppy and a happy family

HyperactivityJumping upRecallPuppy managementOther

Lee | Adelaide

September-04-2018 Bark busters rating

We learnt so much so quickly and effects were immediate.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecall

Denise | Adelaide

July-07-2018 Bark busters rating

Sue explained the training techniques very clearly, it was an interesting and enjoyable experience. We are very pleased with the techniques used and the response from Cooper.


Meryl | Stirling

June-08-2018 Bark busters rating

Sue is a wonderful teacher and a very experienced trainer. Our rowdy little dogs responded to her calm authority almost immediately without her ever raising her voice (unlike us). In an hour or two she had our dogs walking without pulling on the lead, not jumping up on us and not barking at people walking past the house or howling hysterically when people came to the door. She worked with them in our house and also in the village they live in. We have now had three visits from Sue and the dogs have improved dramatically - as Sue said they would. Of course she was really training us to be more consistent and authoritative leaders - and although there were times after the first session when Molly and Charley slipped back and challenged us, we stuck to Sue's training regime, and they have now "got it" and know exactly what we require of them. They are changed dogs and we can all relax. We can't speak highly enough of Sue. She is so knowledgeable, diplomatic and approachable. Best of all, after spending hundreds of dollars on veterinary animal therapy and recommended drugs for Charley, who had major fear and anxiety issues, he has now decided he can relax and trust we are in charge. He does not need drugs, he is a completely changed dog in 3 months, much to our vet's surprise. We never thought we would see this day. Thank you so much Sue, you are a miracle worker.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPulling

Jim | Camden Park

June-07-2018 Bark busters rating

Sue was great she demonstrated and explained things well. Macy responded well to sue and her methods.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Kelisha | Adelaide

May-29-2018 Bark busters rating

Training was successful in making a change in our dogs aggression towards other dogs, working out it was fear based was a huge relief. Sue was a great teacher and informer to both us and our dogs. The training structure made sense and is easy to follow in our on going training sessions practising. After one session our dogs were calmer, more respectful, walked better on the lead and we managed to walk past dogs and have the ability to stop ours from barking. We have a way to go yet before we are back at the beach but if one session can do that I'm excited to see our dogs after a good 6 weeks of training at home with our home work :) very happy fur parents.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecall

Savannah | Morphettville

May-01-2018 Bark busters rating

The training is simple yet effective and easy to understand and implement. Buddah impressed me from Sue's training. It was an enjoyable experience. Best training company ever!!

Jumping upPullingSeparation anxietyPuppy managementOther

Michelle | Henley Beach

May-01-2018 Bark busters rating

The training techniques are easy to understand and follow and Sue is a very clear communicator. Ari's recall and walking are now excellent and his separation anxiety has settled down. I would recommend Bark Busters for supportive and informed techniques as well as empathy from the instructor.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxietyOther

Dominique | Adelaide

April-23-2018 Bark busters rating

Fantastic experience and noticed improvement with Archie immediately. .

BarkingPullingSeparation anxietyToileting

Dominique | Somerton Park

April-21-2018 Bark busters rating

Fantastic experience and noticed improvements immediately.

BarkingPullingSeparation anxietyToileting

kel | adelaide

March-22-2018 Bark busters rating

We met with Sue, after our boys after 3 years together, decided to fight each other. We quickly learnt that we were not the Pack Leaders and a hard slog was in the forecast to change to help them get back on track. From day 1, we were able to bring Milburn into some form of check, from obedience and to some degree, boundries. Whilst I never suffer from Anxiety, knowing how brutal the biting was, fear swept in for me, however, the strength of belief I had in Sue, to help us turn this all around again, helped that diminish over a short period of time. Each visit from the beginning gave us more light on where we were heading. Whilst it was difficult, both mentally and for the boys, separating them, sleeping arrangement separate, going outside separate and having to use leads, each step we made was progress because of Sue. On the second to last visit, Sue felt they were ready to be off the leads with each other, a fear came back in, then a thought, they fight, I'll stop it, I think the fear was more of them never getting back together, thereby a fight may take us back to the beginning, however, again, the belief in Sue, made us from that visit onwards, leave the leads off. Not one fight. On the last visit, Sue was ready to really "tell" us, take them off the leads, let them interact only to find when she walked in, they were off the leads. Next step, was to leave them alone together, un-supervised. Worse fear right? Having not fought for a month, off I went for 5 minutes, then 20 minutes, then 1 hr, then 2 hrs and here we are, 5 weeks later from that visit, no fights. Our dogs now sleep in the same dog bed if they wish to be together, sit at the window together, play, play, play, sleep with us at night, ( with rules), and butter would not melt in their mouth. Our dogs, know boundries now, walk daily and a second exercise of free run just looking, in the after noon, play, come when called, stop barking at the neighbours when told to, play, play, play and are two happy puppies. Remembering all we were taught, being Pack Leaders, ensuring they know that, giving the same love to each, we could not be any happier with how Sue pulled it all together, monitored, guided, at home at night thought for us of what next, she was just brilliant, a phone call away if we needed, only we didn't, as we followed her guide. Thank you Sue for believing in them, us and guiding us to a successful outcome. Just brilliant.

Sibling rivalry

Katrina | Lenswood

March-13-2018 Bark busters rating

The training was friendly, really helpful and extensive. Time was taken to explain everything and answer all my questions. Sue's experience was obvious and she helped me take charge and 'speak dog' so that Alice responded quickly. Already we can see a difference.


Tara | Oakbank

February-20-2018 Bark busters rating

Very good training tools/methods and information. Looking forward to a couple of weeks and seeing how that goes with jetta and another dog

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety


January-17-2018 Bark busters rating

Sue has a delightful personality, with an innate ability to communicate training remedies. Her manner is gentle and supportive, and non-threatening to the dog. She's easy to talk to, and my 6 month old pup responded virtually immediately to the Bark Buster methods we were given.

BarkingChewingJumping upPullingRecall

Alexis | Ascot Park

November-12-2017 Bark busters rating

Sue was great at communicating, not just the "hows" but the "why's" as well, which was important to me. The training was simple, straightforward and easy implement and most importantly - effective. In little over an hour it was such a relief to finally have Obi walking without pulling !! The sessions results exceeded my expectations.

BarkingJumping upPullingOther

Riang | Glengowrie

November-10-2017 Bark busters rating

Sue was fantastic , we were optimistic but were thoroughly impressed and the amount of time Sue spent with us and kept practising.

HyperactivityJumping upPullingRecall

Megan | Tanunda

November-05-2017 Bark busters rating

The training was very easy to follow and understand. Sue not only explained what we had to do but why we are doing it. Peaches responded immediately. We love we don't have to carry dog treats everywhere we go. Sue taught us about the natural behaviours of dogs which helped us understand why Peaches was doing the things she was. Sue was fabulous.


P | Netley

October-17-2017 Bark busters rating

Sue's training advice was life-changing for our family. We have a small terrier that barked incessantly at people and dogs passing our house or at visitors. It had become an increasing problem over several years but we became completely exhausted by it when we recently had a baby and the barking interrupted sleep. We couldn't imagine any training would work because our dog appeared so defiant and we thought we had tried almost everything already. Within a few moments of Sue's training our dog had changed his behaviour profoundly. I was so pleased by her gentle approach, she clearly understands and loves dogs. We sometimes like to feed him at the table and he sleeps in our bed - he can still do these things, and his individual, quirky character hasn't changed. Only the barking has stopped and I sense he is a much happier dog for it. He no longer feels the need to constantly warn us if someone approaches. We are so thrilled with the result.


Jeff | Somerton Park

October-09-2017 Bark busters rating

Ten out of ten for Bark Busters training techniques and results.

Jumping upPullingRecall

Catherine | Black Forest

September-13-2017 Bark busters rating

We learnt about 'why' our dog behaves like she does. She is responding to the training already.


Fiona | Modbury Heights

September-13-2017 Bark busters rating

We haven't tried or heard of the training techniques used and found them helpful, relevant and clearly explained. Sue modified them to Archer's level eg. challenged him where necessary. Archer was able to modify behaviour with first few attempts (door, eye contact). Getting there with walking. Training went very quick and Sue was friendly and informative. Thank you.

BarkingJumping upPulling

Sue | St Agnes

August-27-2017 Bark busters rating

Great advice and training tools. I was amazed how quickly Ruby picked up on the training.

BarkingJumping up

Matthew | Windsor Gardens

July-04-2017 Bark busters rating

Sue was fantastic with Stanley and most of his bad behaviours were drastically improved within 24 hours. We love training him and he has become more affectionate now that he respects us as leaders, rather than dominating us. This was our third time using Bark Busters and they delivered in every way.

BarkingPullingRecallSeparation anxietyPuppy management

Miranda | Kidman Park

June-21-2017 Bark busters rating

Jeremy was very quick to respond to the training techniques, which truly came to my surprise. I was delighted to see how Sue engaged with him and her ability to teach those skills to me. After the first session, Jeremy already was displaying a different personality. I would not look back on the decision to enrol in this 'at home dog training program'.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upRecallSeparation anxiety

Emma | Stirling

June-19-2017 Bark busters rating

We were very happy with Sue's suggestions and her approach with our 6 month old puppy. We have noticed a dramatic difference in our puppy's behaviour since Sue's visit. Our puppy was jumping up a lot on everyone, and despite us trying to ignore it, she persisted in jumping up which caused a lot of problems with our young children and with visitors coming over. After the first session with Sue, the jumping up has reduced significantly to almost nothing and has stayed reduced.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPuppy management

Yaselyn | Paradise

May-15-2017 Bark busters rating

Sue explained the training methods in a way which was easy to follow and understand. I saw great results on the first session and were very pleased with the non physical techniques shown to us to use. It was very interesting and most enjoyable.

ChewingJumping upPullingToileting

Cathy | Marion

May-15-2017 Bark busters rating

It was much easier than anticipated, faster too !! In 2 hours we had a different dog ! ALL HUMANS WERE A LOT MORE RELAXED.The training techniques used were very effective and easy to master. If you don't agree then a big BAH to you. We have already recommended Bark Busters to anyone who will listen. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!


Kate | Nairne

March-31-2017 Bark busters rating

When I called Bark Busters I was at a loss with what to do with our Bull Terrier puppy Charlie, she was super anxious when left alone, she would spin constantly & was so obsessed with water she would empty any bowl left for her. When Sue arrived for the first visit I didn't know what to expect & how long it would take for improvement, within an hour we had some success & with several visits & lots of work we had major improvement. Sue's help has made Charlie a different dog & my life far less stressful, to know that I could call or text anytime I needed was really comforting. I would highly recommend this service to anyone having issues, Sue was caring to both my dog & myself, she genuinely cares about the people & dogs she works with & this shows in the results.

Separation anxietyPuppy managementOther

Margaret & Lindsay | St Morris

March-12-2017 Bark busters rating

The training Sue provided was both professional and enjoyable. The exercises she set us were unexpectedly simple and the results even after such a short time have been better than we had hoped


Luke | Ascot Park

March-02-2017 Bark busters rating

Sue was lovely and explained everything very well - would highly recommend her services to others.


Holly | Tusmore

February-19-2017 Bark busters rating

Sue was excellent and a great instructor. Within minutes of initiating training our dog was responding positively. The techniques are easy to learn and use and made us feel so much more at ease. Sue was clear, patient and very personable.

AggressionBarkingPullingPuppy management

Teena | Sefton Park

February-13-2017 Bark busters rating

Absolutely amazing. Now we have the basics, it's up to us to follow through. After 1 week def notice improvement!!

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSibling rivalry

Linda | Golden Grove

November-28-2016 Bark busters rating

Very interesting and enjoyable. One visit and learnt a lot from therapist. Was amazing.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallOther

Maurice | Hyde Park

October-21-2016 Bark busters rating

The training provided by Sue was extremely effective and easy to understand and implement. Macey responded straight away and immediately was a better behaved and happier dog. I would highly recommend Sue and Bark Busters.

BarkingJumping upPulling

Kate | Tanunda

October-07-2016 Bark busters rating

I was really surprised how quickly Cilla adapted to the training. We still have some way to go whilst out on walks however the home is much quieter now that we are able to correct her whilst in the house. Thanks Sue for your non judgmental approach to your training.

BarkingRecallSeparation anxiety

Maralyn | Stirling

August-09-2016 Bark busters rating

Very pleased! Sue explained the techniques very well and Machi responded very well to his first training session. I found the training (for me) made it easier to train Machi. Once I learned the appropriate tools and commands (and how/when) to apply them it was so much easier. They produced immediate, positive responses with no stress. Our first walk after the training session was such a pleasure instead of a tug of war trial.

PullingRecallSeparation anxietyOther

Nicole | Evandale

July-15-2016 Bark busters rating

We enlisted Sue's help after receiving a notification from our local council that our dog was barking while we were out. Sue was absolutely fantastic. I cannot speak more highly of her and her professional and sympathetic approach to helping us. Not only helping us by giving us practical strategies to deal with the problem, but also educating us on the cause of the problem (which in our case we learnt was a pack/hierarchy issue).


Tracy | Somerton Park

June-28-2016 Bark busters rating

Sue was lovely and we are very grateful for the results we are seeing already (day 2).


Sue | Woodside

June-28-2016 Bark busters rating

We were amazed at how immediate the dog's response to the training was. It has made a great difference to our "good neighbour" policy now that Kim is not barking every time the neighbours come and go. Such a relief! We will continue with the actually very simple training methodology that Sue gave us and continue to improve our dog's general behaviour. It basically is up to us now! However, the return visit should help with tweeking our training process.

BarkingJumping upRecall

Tina & Al | Glenelg

June-22-2016 Bark busters rating

Where were you Sue about 6 months ago when Barney started barking at the door bell ? Thanks so much, we are learning as much as the dogs!

BarkingPullingToiletingPuppy management

Erin | Oaklands Oark

June-18-2016 Bark busters rating

This training has been such a relief, we tried 2 other training companies before this but instantly weren't confident or convinced with their approaches but Bark Busters has left us feeling confident and much happier as you get a result after your first session, 3 weeks later and our dog is much calmer and better behaved. Looking forward to see how much more she improves after another 3 weeks. Thanks Sue!

BarkingJumping upSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Cheryl & Keith | Para Vista

February-15-2016 Bark busters rating

Everything was easy to understand and do. Sue was very good, so much better training our dog in our environment instead of running around an oval. Absolutely fantastic.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallOther

Yvonne | Murray Bridge

January-18-2016 Bark busters rating

I am absolutely delighted. Sue has performed a miracle. The change in my dog is astonishing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

BarkingSeparation anxiety

Jennifer | Surrey Downs

January-06-2016 Bark busters rating

We had our first restful evening the very first evening after training and it has continued!

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Peter & Barb | Clarence Park

January-06-2016 Bark busters rating

We had previous experience with Bark Busters with our previous rescue dog about 1998 and was impressed then with the techniques used as we applied them for the next 14 1/2 years! We realise we need to keep reinforcing the techniques used by Sue as our rescue dog is 3 years old and has had no previous training.


Suzie | Plympton

January-06-2016 Bark busters rating

It is amazing that such simple principles are so easily employed. Sad to think that all puppies could be so much better enjoyed if trained properly. Sue was fun but on task. Easy to get on with, non judgemental, very good, patient and answered questions.

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Emma | Thebarton

December-14-2015 Bark busters rating

We have noticed a vast improvement already in Benji and his manner. Sue was very understanding of Benji's low confidence and provided useful training tools to assist in building his confidence. We are looking forward to a happy calm little dog!


Jo | Kensington

November-19-2015 Bark busters rating


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Liz | Walkerville

November-12-2015 Bark busters rating

Amazing results. Our neighbours have noticed the difference with our dogs within the first week.

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Gary | Banksia Park

October-20-2015 Bark busters rating

When you're getting the results you want it's always enjoyable. Simple but more effective then any other training we have done. Very pleased with the way Sue made us feel with the training. It was a stress free experience for us and our dog Jet. Could not believe how Jet responded instantly.

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Corinna | Royston Park

October-14-2015 Bark busters rating

Good demonstrations and allowing me to do the training with my dog. My dog improved in all aspects we practiced. None of the techniques were harmful to my dog and no treats were used which was great. It was nice learning how I can help my dog become a better companion and seeing him improve. The training items included were very handy.


Jess & Jason | Glenside

September-09-2015 Bark busters rating

Our puppy responded very quickly to training. We learned a lot.

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Christine | Urrbrae

August-17-2015 Bark busters rating

Sue was/is lovely and very, very helpful. Davey's much better.

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Sophia | Magill

May-25-2015 Bark busters rating

Sue was very calming and supportive.

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Niamh | Grange

May-16-2015 Bark busters rating

It was incredibly valuable and made me understand how to better manage Mack. I was surprised how immediate the improvements in his responsiveness and general behaviour were.

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